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Costume Design

Photo: Sparrow Dance


Photo: Sparrow Dance


Photo: Søren Meisner

While studying fashion, I started working on some costume projects for contemporary dance. I wasn't so interested in the change of seasons or trends that the fashion world felt all about at that time.


The action of the performer and narrative spark my creativity. The ideas a design could represent. The endless various materials I can hunt to fit a concept.


Working in diverse media has shown me how interconnected all art forms are and has allowed me to collaborate with many artists in various areas including new media. I discovered that what interests me the most is how humans explore space and objects in both spiritual and functional ways, and how new, created realities cause humans to experience space differently.



X-mythologies  is a dance concert with choreography of the reumatizing choreographer Tina Tarpgaard, newly composed music by award-winning composers Lars Greve / Aske Zidore and with vocals of one of Danish rock history's greatest voices: Anisette Koppel.

Source: recoil performance group, Søren Meisner (photo)


The Little Prince

A poetic and evocative performance in two acts where we get to go on a journey of the imagination. LILLE PRINSEN is a dance performance in two acts, inspired by the world-famous storybook with the original title Le Petit Prince, written and illustrated by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry. It is a poetic and evocative performance where imagination is let loose.

Source: Norrdans, Bengt Wanselius (photo)


Singular Sensation

This work is the quest for each one of the five dancers ‘personal hero’ aiming to touch their fantasies and to push their limits and personal perceptions in order to create an alternative reality on stage.

Source: Tamar Lamm (photo)



A series of works about Laika, the famous soviet dog who became the first earthling to venture into outer space. The costume was designed with Tyvek (fabric made of high-density polyethylene fibers) to give it a spacy look.

Source: Lior Lerman, Jonathan Shohet


Living Room

In this play, I worked with reference to animals in the movement and characters of the dancers, highlighting their presence on a dark stage with projector screening lights.

Source: recoil performance group


Myopic Time

Myopic Time is produced by Sparrow Dance with Danish co-production from Dynamo Workspace, Bora Bora and Kappelborg Kulturhus. The motivation behind Sparrow Dance is to promote and explore vertical dance and other suspended dance techniques to further expand the versatility of the performing arts.

Source: Sparrow Dance

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A Close Look Into A Happy End

It was a site-specific installation and art-to-wear performance in Nardini's distillery, Bassano, Italy. The characters were developed through the workshops with the dramaturg Itzik July.



The plain color of the costumes integrates with the scenography esthetically — and puts it in the ‘collective’ connotation to give more options to interpret and imagine the rest of the details.

Source: Sharon Apple (photo)



The costumes were inspired by the desert landscape and the characters presented as natives and visitors. 

Source: recoil performance group


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