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Upcoming Events

  • søn. 04. dec.
    04. dec. 2022 16.00 – 05. dec. 2022 18.00
    Give your old T-shirt (or any item of clothing!) a new life with Inbal from &Me.
  • fre. 25. nov.
    25. nov. 2022 17.00 CET – 03. dec. 2022 17.00 CET
    Remade clothing and craft by local designer curated and presented together. @inballielich @A.saaby @Sortslipshvidtslips @Cillevengbergtextiles @Ourshiftbrand @Lenemariesmykker @Birdsjewellery @Siphph @Redesignrepariupcycle @sollyss
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Book a workshop


I can guide a group of 3-10 people and teach them to repair or deconstruct a piece of clothing that deserves a second chance. It can happen at your preferred location or some evening or weekend in my studio in Copenhagen. 

If you'd prefer to get my undivided attention and guidance, we can schedule a 1-1 session where we'll discuss how we can repair or remodel a piece of clothing of your choosing.

I can also make the deconstruction for you considering all your wishes and return your new favorite piece back to you once it's done. 


If you'd like to book a workshop or a 1-1 session, please contact:
+4528767710 |

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