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I work with orphan garments and abandoned fabrics to redesign upcycled clothing that is both practical and imaginative. Signature details from the source material are incorporated in surprising ways. &Me takes a kaleidoscopic approach to upcycling, slicing unusually sourced materials and remixing defunct designs into unique garments that range from practical to fantastical.

Garment Transformation Session

Transform a piece hiding in your closet into something you could not imagine. Book a meeting to jam on the possibilities for creative alteration. You’ll be surprised at what’s possible when you surrender a garment to the &Me studio.

Whether it's a piece of clothing you are attached to but never actually wear or something that doesn’t fit but you’re still attached to, we can discuss the alteration over a 1:1 meeting, and then I can quote a price for what can be done in the studio, with your beloved item returned at a later date.


For a meeting , please contact:
+4528767710 |

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