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A woman's (X ') narrative (mythology) in a new expression X-mythologies  is a dance concert with choreography of the reumatizing choreographer Tina Tarpgaard, newly composed music by award-winning composers Lars Greve / Aske Zidore and with vocals of one of Danish rock history's greatest voices: Anisette Koppel.

X-Mythologies - Foto Sõren Meisner -9943

Together, they have created a dancing concert that is the liver of Black Box Dance Company's amazing dancers.

Through decades, Anisette Koppel has inspired, stirred and enthusiastic with the passion that comes so sharply through her voice.

In the performance of X-mythologies, the composers Lars Greve and Aske Zidore have been inspired by her sound and, with the starting point in completely new footage of Anisette Koppel's voice, created ten individual works each containing a story expressed through the many colors of the vocal.

The ten numbers are the starting point for a dance concert where the young dancers from the Black Box Dance Company are the bodily "Band" on stage. Body that melts with the music and performs the intensity of the raw voice and allows the rhythm to create complex patterns in the body's relation to each other and to the audience.

In X mythologies, a band of dancers will welcome a visual concert with new tones and movements that unite the energy of dance and music. A work that spans generations and genres with new composed music and choreography. Source: recoil performance group

watch a teaser (trailer)

X-Mythologies - Foto Sõren Meisner -0048

Choreographer: Tina Tarpgaard Composers: Aske Zidrore and Lars Greve Vocal: Anisette Koppel Artistic director: Marie Brolin-Tani Costume and sonography: Inbal Lieblich

Lighting design: Andreas Buhl Photography: Søren Meisner Dancers: Black Box Dance Company

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