Updated: Nov 18


TUMULT deals with what happens when bodies engage in an interdependent act of negotiating and balancing weight, strength and the ongoing construction in the performance space. As the audience you’re on stage – seated inside to the scenography so close to the dancers, that you feel their movements and a room in turmoil vibrate in your own body.

"No one body establishes the space of appearance, but this action, this performative exercise happens only “between” bodies, in a space that constitutes the gap between my own body and another’s. In this way, my body does not act alone, when it acts politically. Indeed, the action emerged from the “between.”

(…) the alliance is not reducible to individuals, and it is not individuals who act. The second is that action in alliance happens precisely between those who participate, and this is not an ideal or empty space – it is the space of support itself – of durable and liveable material environments and of interdependency among living beings." Judith Butler Source: recoil performance group

Photo: Søren Meisner


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