The Little Prince

Updated: Nov 18

A poetic and evocative performance in two acts where we get to go on a journey of the imagination. LILLE PRINSEN is a dance performance in two acts, inspired by the world-famous story book with the original title Le Petit Prince, written and illustrated by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry. It is a poetic and evocative performance where imagination is let loose. Just like the book, the performance deals with big and small questions about being a small person in a big world.


Tina Tarpgaard from Denmark is the choreographer and the music has been especially composed by Swedish composer Daniel Nelson. Together they have created a number of musical and choreographic tableaux where we get to follow the pilot who has crashed in the empty desert and the mysterious little character called the Little Prince, and how they together explore the world. Join their imaginative journey and meet all the strange characters and peculiar things they run across along the way.

The performance is a collaboration between Norrdans and the Nordic Chamber Orchestra. The orchestra plays live during the performances in Sundsvall and Härnösand and for the remainder of the tour, they participate with a recorded version of the music.


Source: Norrdans

Choreographer:Tina Tarpgaard

Composer:Daniel Nelson

Conductor:David Björkman

Set designer:Signe Krogh

Costume designer: Inbal Lieblich

Light designer:Michael Breiner

Photography: Bengt Wanselius

Dancers autumn 2016:Tomáš Červinka, Claudia Fürnholzer, César García Steensen, Viktor Konvalinka, Jakub Mędrzycki, Hanna Nussbaumer, Anaïs Pensé, Leila Verlinden

Dancers autumn 2015:Tomáš Červinka, Claudia Fürnholzer, César García Steensen, Anna Jirmanova, Viktor Konvalinka, Hanna Nussbaumer, Leila Verlinden, Jonas Örknér

Length:1 hour 30 min incl. intermission

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