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AIET TØRST presse 1

The title itself provokes an almost physical sensation – a bodily urge fueled by an essential need. TØRST is a powerful duet for two male dancers, a duet on human drive and survival. About bodies in a place where strategic thinking has ceased and instinct has taken over with raging forces of survival. TØRST merge choreography and sophisticated interactive video scenography into the unique visual universe which has made recoil known both in Denmark and abroad. In TØRST the dancers feet are on burning hot, animated, desert sand!

The costumes inspired by the desert landscape and its colors. The characters are both native and visitors at the same time. One more oriented to the place – like a snake, the other could be the pilot from “lê petit  prince’ that has been there for years. Their relationship is based on symbiosis and mimicry with the nature and with each other.

thørst_most_final costume _4color

inspiration board –

AIET TØRST presse 2
AIET TØRST presse 3
AIET TØRST presse 4



Source: recoil performance group

Dancers: Jonas Örknér og Cesar Garcia

Choreographer: Tina Tarpgaard

Choreographic assistant: Siri Wolthoorn

Software artist/video design: Jonas Jongejan

Lighting design: Søren Knud

Costume design: Inbal Lieblich

Sound editing: Emil Assing

Music by Dan Friel

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