Myopic Time

Updated: Nov 18

Sparrow Dance creates a performance based on the idea of human being is limited – time is subjective. You will meet a vertical dancer, a musician, an hourglass a wall and maybe even a technician.

Vertical Dance exposes our bended reality. A research of limitations and time perceptions.

Sparrow Dance is an aerial dance and cross disciplinary stage art association formed by Esther Wrobel. The motivation behind Sparrow Dance is to promote and explore vertical dance and other suspended dance techniques to further expand the versatility of the performing arts. Sparrow Dance aims to expand the possibilities of dance and develop the use of architecture as an active player in influencing movement.

The association aspires to challenge and play with the spatial perceptions of both the audience and the performers and explore alternate ways of looking at the world. Sparrow Dance uses cross disciplinary art forms to create ‘new’ realities that play between reality and illusion, creating wondrous events that provoke new ways of thinking. The work creates clear images that defy gravity and human perception while at the same time being easy to understand and accessible to any audience. Source: Sparrow Dance

Credit: On stage: Camilla Barratt-Due, Esther Wrobel Composer/musician: Camilla Barratt-Due Concept and choreography: Esther Wrobel Scenography/Costumes: Inbal Libliech Light design/Technical director: Karl Sørensen Rigger/ sound and stage technician: Ariellah Winther Fundraising/production help: Maiken Bruun Designer/builder: Mattias Umaerus Graphic design: Sam Moore

Myopic Time is produced by Sparrow Dance with danish co-production from Dynamo Workspace, Bora Bora and Kappelborg Kulturhus.

Supported by Statens Kunstfond, Wilhem Hansen Fonden, Spar Nord, Augustinus Fonden, Il Posto European Vertical Dance Centre, Cie Retouramont and Vertical Dance Forum.

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