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אוהבים אש חזרה גנרלית 877

Given the cultural and the personal distance from the classical waltz music, a complex and humorous journey evolved dealing with different understanding of what is “romantic”. The desire to fall in love, to lose control, to transformed and taken by passion is explored through physical and plasticized images which give a new twist to stereotype of male and female identity, and the role they play within relationship.

The props were used in many ways and become part of the scene and inspired the dramatic and not only stayed in the aesthetic value. The contact and the movement and the way they changed their function constrain/effect  and challenge a lot for the design part

the third one arrived. He might be from another planet. he is willing to learn and offer his ceremony His costume design inspired as a mix of technician man and a rockstar. Together, they build installation with the cloth and the props and understand that there is no limits to what you can discover and share.

אוהבים אש חשיפה בינלאומית 169
אוהבים אש חשיפה בינלאומית 187

2009 Choreography: Yasmeen Godder Photography : Tamar Lamm

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