Living room

Updated: Nov 18


LIVING ROOM is a room in motion, evoked not just by the dancers but also by an almost organically living video scenography. The floor starts to move, the floor disappears – the space begins to breathe….

LIVING ROOM is a performance about hierarchies. Open source, 2.0 and other non-hierarchical structures are buzzwords in the 21st century – and yet, we all subject ourselves to a long line of ancient hierarchies. The world’s oldest is that between man and shadow – a hierarchy of nature that it is impossible to disobey… Or is it? Confronting the human body and a motion sensitive scenography, LIVING ROOM put a physical expression on what it means to take control or subject, and questions who is the puppet and who is the puppeteer – who controls whom? Source: recoil performance group


The colorful pallet was also to adjust their presence on a very dark stage with only projector screening lights Nelson - kind of a very smooth snake with peacock movements Siri – a Manga ’cat woman’ - warrior but also seductive and feminine. Jonas - works with the tension between strength and fragility. A lion or soldier with breath holding memories and experience that motivates him – but also holds him back. Rumiko – a dragonfly that attached to the ground her back has adjustment to resemble the crack she makes in the soil and in the soul

Best Dance Performance of the Year 2012 at the Danish Performing Arts Award (Reumert Awards)


choreographer: Tina Tarpgaard

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